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Friday Feature: Angel C. Dye

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Angel C. Dye is a poet, scholar of African American Literature, and the author of BREATHE (Central Square Press ‘21). She is from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas/Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a graduate of Howard University, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Kentucky, where she was a Nikky Finney fellow. Dye has received fellowships from The Watering Hole and Furious Flower Poetry Center and her work has appeared in About Place Journal, The Pierian Journal, African Voices Magazine, Blue Mountain Review, Tahoma Literary Review, and A Gathering Together Journal, among other places. Dye writes in the tradition of Lucille Clifton, Amiri Baraka, and Sterling A. Brown, striving to carry on their legacies of unapologetic blackness in the face of oppression, radical self-love, and artistic activism. She aims to discover, as Audre Lorde explains, “the words [she does] not yet have,” and is currently a Ph.D. in English student at Rutgers University. Follow her online at her website and on Twitter and Instagram.

The New Normal

a Gigan

by Angel C. Dye

there is a series of words we never said

20 months ago:

pandemic, quarantine, isolation,

asymptomatic, asynchronous, hybrid, virtual

learning, mask, vaccine, variant, virus

how could we have known that fall

before the outbreak would upend our sense of normalcy

we might have gathered more than leaves

and thanked God for only angels made of snow

now there are angels more numerous than snowflakes

there were too many words left unsaid

if we had known we would have sent the text

and made the amends, hugged tighter

not cancelled on our friends

instead we have hidden our faces,

kept our distance in hopes of keeping ourselves


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