Torch Literary Arts is a nonprofit organization established to support and promote creative writing by Black women and girls. We publish contemporary writing by experienced and emerging writers alike. Our online journal,TORCH,  has featured work by Colleen J. McElroy, Tayari Jones, Sharon Bridgforth, Crystal Wilkinson, Patricia Smith, Natasha Trethewey and many more. Other programs include the Wildfire Reading Series that features Black women authors and allies at live events in Austin, TX and beyond, Wordy Girl activites that promote youth reading, writing, and community engagement, as well as workshops and retreats for dedicated writing time, mentorship, and sisterhood. 





To promote the work of Black women and girls by publishing contemporary creative writing by experienced and emerging writers alike, to archive contributor's literary work for posterity and educational purposes, and provide resources and opportunities for the advancement of Black women and girls through literary arts.






  • We believe that creative writing by Black women and girls is valuable and necessary.


  • We believe in preserving our literary legacy by working across generations.


  • We believe that supporting creative writing adds to the cross-cultural appreciation of the arts.


  • We believe in utilizing current technology to connect our work to a broader audience.


  • We believe in meaningful collaboration based on respect, creativity, and freedom.


  • We believe in the power of our resourceful community.