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Friday Feature: Camille Hernandez

Camille Hernandez is a Black and Filipina author, educator, and public theologian. She writes speculative poetry about Black women’s multilayered approaches towards healing from violence. Camille is endlessly inspired by Toni Morrison’s quote, “There was a lot of activism, & I thought, 'I will publish these voices instead of marching.' I thought it was my responsibility to publish African American & African writers who would not be published, published well, or edited well." She believes that books are tangible messages left behind by our ancestors, and it is our responsibility to use their legacy to cultivate our voices and produce more works that will equip our descendants. In all her avenues, Camille uses care-centered leadership models to help people tell their stories, develop self-compassion practices, and expand their capacity for hope in order to birth new liberated realities into existence. Her debut book, The Hero and the Whore: Reclaiming Healing and Liberation through Stories of Sexual Exploitation in the Bible, will be released on November 7, 2023. Follow Camille on her website and on Instagram and Twitter.


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