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Friday Feature: Fatihah Quadri Eniola

Born on a Friday in December, Fatihah Quadri Eniola is a young Nigerian poet whose work has been featured in The West Trade Review, The Shore Poetry, Agbowo, Brittle Paper, Isele Magazine and elsewhere. She is a nyctophobic gathering experience in Law in the premier University of Ibadan. Follow Fatihah on Instagram.

To The Girl Who Swears To

Love In Line

We have the same skin. Your

hair, the color of dormant

marigolds. Warsan said our

things do not belong to us.

Even my names, I left them

at the sound of a gun. We

spend evening watching the

birds deny the sky and this is

how we know the sorrow of

trees is the desertion of

leaves. We spend Eid

measuring our breast. You

spend Eid telling me of men

who asked you out before 18,

but Warsan said our men do

not belong to us and when I

told you to teach me a poem,

you brought out a blade

instead of a pen.


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